12.5 mm EPS Thermocole High Density

12.5 mm EPS Thermocole High Density| 12.5 mm EPS Thermocole High Density Bangalore
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Product Specifications
Inch Size 1/2 inch
Thickness 12.5 mm
Color White
Packing 40 sheets ( 200 Square Feet )
Density 12kg/m3
Width 0.5 Meter
Length 1 Meter
Format Slab form
Minimun Qty to be purchase 1 Bundle
GST, Vat Extra as per applicable

EPS Thermocol Slab are readymade insulation tiles which are used for Thermal Insulation suitable for homes, showrooms, office, hospitals, IT buildings, banks and hotels. EPS Thermocol Sheets are lightweight and rigid containing 98% by volume with still air entrapped in its millions of minute closed cells.

EPS Thermocol Slab are generally used in False Ceiling and Under Ceiling to facilitate and avoid external radiation flowing directly into the room, either air-conditioned or non air-conditioned. If it is non-airconditioned room then these sheets help in keeping the room cool, and if it is air-conditioned room then these help in reducing the power consumption.

EPS Thermocol Slab, commonly known as EPS Sheets are available in 5 mm to 500 mm thickness and 1 m x ½ m and 1 m x 1 m size. Its density can be supplied from 10 kg/m3 to 40kg/m3.