300 G Air Bubble Roll 10mm Bubble

300 G Air Bubble Roll 10mm Bubble| 300 G Air Bubble Roll 10mm Bubble Bangalore
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Product Specifications
thickness 10mm
Color Transparent
Roll Size 1.5 Meter x 100 Running Meter
Qty in Roll 1615 Square Feet (150 Square Meter)
Guard 300G / 60GSM
Minimun Qty to be purchase 1 Roll

Air Bubble Rolls Packaging Film is a flexible cushioning material with small air pockets entrapped between two layers of polyethylene film.  Entrapped air in the bubbles is ambient air the result is suitable for protective Packaging of valuable, delicate and fragile items with special properties in film like anti-static grade, selective colour range, and laminated bubble film, custom made pouches.
Air Bubble Rolls provide high levels of protection against harsh surface. Air bubble roll are highly efficient and sturdy, our quality air bubble rolls keeps products safe against all odds and the Solid non-Permeable film surface stops convective heat loss and infiltration and offers cushioning and protection against breakage and damage during transit or storage. Resilience, flexibility, and resistance to shocks and abrasions including excellent mechanical properties. Resistant to moisture, fungi and corrosive chemicals. Clean, hygienic and dust free. Enhances product life and improves product presentation. Superior durability & structure strength.