Rock Wool Slab

Rock Wool Slab| Rock Wool Slab Bangalore
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Technical Specifications :
₹ 1800.00  /  Bundle.
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Product Specifications
Thickness 50 mm
Qty in Bundle 91 Square Feet (8.4 Square Meter)
Packing 14 Slab
Density 48 kg/ M3
width 0.6 Meter
length 1 Meter
Brand Rock Wool India
Format Slab Form
Format Size 0.6 Mtr x 1 Mtr
Minimun Qty to be purchase 1 Bundle
GST, Vat Extra as per applicable

Rockwool insulation refers to a sort of insulation that is made up of actual rocks and minerals. It additionally goes by the names of stone wool insulation, insulator insulation, or scum wool insulation. a good vary of product may be made up of rockwool, attributable to its wonderful ability to dam sound and warmth.Rock wool insulation is often employed in building construction, industrial plants, and in automotive applications. to achieve rockwool insulation, the minerals and alternative raw materials area unit heated to 1600 degrees C in an exceedingly chamber, through that a current of air or steam is blown. a lot of trendy creation techniques area unit supported rotating the liquefied rock at broad speeds in an exceedingly moving wheel, in some structure resembling the means that material candy is created. The finished product could be a accumulation of terribly fine tangled fibers, certain in collaboration with starch. Oil is additionally more throughout creation to decrease the formation of dust.