Depron Foam

Depron is a brand name for Extruded Polystyrene ( XPS ) closed cell foam in sheet form. It is a fantastic medium for building model RC airplanes, and also a popular medium for architectural model building, as well as model boats and prototype design.

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Depron Foam Dealers in Bangalore

Unlike materials such as balsa, Depron 6mm & 3mm modelling foam does not have a grain and therefore does not split. Each sheet is manufactured identically so weight and density are consistent from sheet-to-sheet, for when balance and performance are crucial. Depron is lightweight, as light as 28kg/m³, whilst maintaining incredible strength and because of the structure of the foam, Depron cuts very easily and cleanly, making it effortless to work.

XPS foam sheets are stronger than traditional EPS Thermocol and can be further strengthened with carbon fiber or wood strips, these sheets are sandable, cuts cleanly with a sharp knife, and when coated with clear tape or paper, can become very strong. Additionally you can paint these sheets as well.

Depron can be used to build many popular RC planes, like Flight Test Models, and from thousands of free plans available on the Internet. Depron Foam sheets are also used in thermal and sound insulation applications.