Rock Wool 96D

Rock wool insulation, also known as mineral wool or stone wool is a type of insulation made from actual stone. Rock wool Slabs have excellent properties in terms of Sound insulation, Sound baffle, High Thermal Insulation along with high melting point. We offer Rock Wool in Various Densities and Size.

Kwality Products offers Rock Wool 96D Slabs in Bangalore.

Rock wool insulation is made from Natural Rock. The Process involving heating the rock in a furnace to about 3,000 degrees until it melts into a liquid. The liquid Magma like substance is then exposed to a high pressure jet of steam and air which is further spun at a very high speed creating long fiber strands. The strands are then put together creating a thick dense slab / mat, which is further cut into convenient-sized batts of insulation.

Rock wool insulation is very similar to fiber glass wool Insulation or Polyester Wadding (Polyethylene foam). But instead of it being composed of fluffy glass fibers, Rock wool Insulation is made from a substance called Mineral rock.

Applications of Rock Wool Insulation

As Rock Wool Insulation Slabs have a high Acoustic and thermal insulation property, also with a high Noise reduction coefficient of up to 0.9 to 1; these slabs are used to Insulate the room from Noise, Echo, Thermal and Heat. Hence, making it suitable for places like:

– Offices
– Conference halls
– Home theaters, Cinemas
– Server Rooms,
– Residential Projects etc.

These Rock Wool Insulation Slabs can be used to lower the temperature of the room in regions where the temperature is too high. Also being a better product in terms of Health and Eco-friendly, these Rock wool insulation slabs can be used as a substitute and be installed instead of using Fiber Glass Wool Insulation or any other type of Insulation Materials.


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