Shalitex Board

ShaliTex Expansion Joint Board is cane fibre soft board impregnated with Special Grade of Bitumen. It is a perfect base material for expansion joint filers. Kwality Products is a leading dealer of Shalitex Boards in Bangalore

ShaliTex Expansion Joint Board displays excellent resistance to compression, with outstanding recovery characteristics. The boards are environment friendly as opposed to the environment destroying thermo Cole/plastic expansion joint boards.


Filling structural expansion & structural separation joints in block & in site concrete construction including screed floors, motorways, roads, runways, pedestrian areas, bridges, curbs, basements, retaining walls, site slabs, subways & other structures etc.

Filling all types of expansion joints in piers and lateral supports like abutments.

Various other flat works and concrete floor


Permit free movement of the concrete slabs during expansion and contraction.

To provide a waterproof seal.

To resist entry of foreign matter into the joint space.


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