EPE Foam Roll ( 1mm to 12 mm)

EPE foam Rolls are low density, semi-rigid, closed cell foam that are generally somewhere in stiffness/compliance between Expanded polystyrene and Polyurethane. It is a very popular material for packaging goods as it is light in weight and flexible. It has the ability to absorb shock and provide good cushioning to delicate objects.

We provide EPE Foam Rolls with a thickness of 1 mm-10 mm in Bangalore and across India.

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EPE Foam Roll Dealers in Bangalore

EPE Foam Roll has a high weight to strength ratio and high thermal resistance. It can be heated and melted multiple times, and reshaped into other new objects due to the high EPE foam temperature range.

EPE foam is resistant to water, oils, and many chemicals. It is also a very good insulating material. EPE is available in different densities, according to its application or purpose.

EPE Foam Roll Specifications

Size Length Size Width Thickness Total Qty / bundle
400 Mtr 1.5 Mtr 1 mm 1 Roll
200 Mtr 1.5 Mtr 2 mm 1 Roll
130 Mtr 1.5 Mtr 3 mm 1 Roll
65 Mtr 1.5 Mtr 6 mm 1 Roll
50 Mtr 1.5 Mtr 8 mm 1 Roll
40 Mtr 1.5 Mtr 10 mm 1 Roll
33 Mtr 1.5 Mtr 12 mm 1 Roll


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