EPS Thermocol (Density – 8-40 kg/m3)

EPS Thermocol board can be used for packaging, can be used for various school and college projects, and can be used for various art and craft activities.

We provide EPS Thermocol Boards with a Density of 8-40 kg/m3.

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EPS thermocol Dealers in Bangalore

Kwality Products Provides EPS Thermocol in various sizes and dimensions across Bangalore with competitive prices.

Various properties of  EPS Thermocol

  • It contains 3-6 million discreet cells per liter giving it excellent insulating properties.
  • It can be cut easily with simple tools like knife or a saw.
  • It can be painted with Plastic Emulsion paints or water bound distemper.
  • It has a high insulating efficiency, resistance to moisture, adequate structural strength and dimensional stability makes it easy to use.
  • Thermocol insulation is permanent and life long.

Application of Thermocole

  • For Packaging For fragile products and delicate equipments.
  • For Art & Crafts Projects in School and Colleges.
  • For Insulation In Refrigeration -industrial refrigeration.
  • In Building – ceilings, false ceilings, and roofs.
  • Acoustic Insulation – cinema halls, factories, offices and residential buildings.


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