Polyester Wadding (1000 GSM)

Polyester Wadding is made out of fine, long polyester fibre of suitable density to attain acoustic and thermal insulation factor. It covers the major insulation applications, that is, thermal and acoustic insulation. It is made of 100% Polyester fibers of suitable deniers and thermally bonded, with the presence of low melt fibre.

We provide Polyester Wadding in a Thickness of 1000 GSM.

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Polyester Wadding Dealers in Bangalore

Polyester Wadding is an advent replacement for conventional Rock Wool and Fibre glass wool insulation materials. Well experienced personnel engaged in the field of thermal and acoustic insulation materials have budged in along with experienced and technical professionals, to bring out, this insulation material.

Polyester is the name of the fibre extruded from polyethylene terephthalate (PET), a widely used synthetic fibre traditionally used in clothing and bedding.

Polyester Wadding Features:

  • safe touch / non-itch
  • eco-friendly
  • durable
  • moisture resistant & high performance
  • fire retardant

Polyester Wadding Applications:

Polyester Wadding is Used in Insulation of Auditorium, Theaters, Recording studio, Music hall, Stadium, Lecture Hall, Hotel, Hospital, Museum, Library, Banks, Courts, Multi-function hall, Meeting rooms, Business office, Partitions, Conference Hall, Advanced villa or private living room and other public places for the environment.